“Zia” is the debut album by Alexi Musnitsky, a young pianist born in New Mexico and currently living in Paris.

Having played piano since age four with a formal background in classical training,

Alexi began composing his own music...


...when he was eighteen. Zia was produced by Will Ackerman, the Grammy winning founder of Windham Hill Records, along with Tom Eaton and recorded at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. Four-time Grammy-winner (cellist) Eugene Friesen is featured on five of the seven tracks. Zia has reached the top of the ZMR and One World Music charts and received international acclaim for Alexi's touching and soulful music.

“Zia opens the album with gentle piano notes that eventually unfold into a romantic and graceful melody...Capturing the essence of memories and things held sacred to the heart, Zia is not to be missed by those who particularly enjoy elegant piano music wrapped in wholesome beauty." ~ Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Radio

"There is one thing to focus on, the piano and how it speaks to you, pulling you out of any inner and external turmoil you may be experiencing into bliss; it's as simple as that . . . the music of Zia will touch your soul and warm your heart." ~ Keith Hannaleck, Muzikman reviews

"...how Musnitsky has manifested such a depth of ambience was simply amazing and delightful all at the same time. His performance and style is quite breathtaking. Alexi as a pianist has that rare quality at such a young age of being totally in-tune with his heart and have that information fluently transmitted to his hands. Zia is an album you would simply be mad to miss." ~ Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

  • 01 Zia Alexi Musnitsky
  • 02 War of Love Alexi Musnitsky
  • 03 Sparkling Heart Alexi Musnitsky
  • 04 The Quest Alexi Musnitsky
  • 05 Light Will Lead the Way Alexi Musnitsky
  • 06 Mile of Life Alexi Musnitsky
  • 07 Dream Catcher Alexi Musnitsky



"There are few things more enjoyable as a music producer than to encounter a significant new talent and there is something additionally marvelous about discovering this in a young person who you believe to be on the cusp of great things. Such is the case with pianist Alexi Musnitsky. As founder of Windham Hill Records, known in large part for releases of cutting edge piano recordings, I feel my history gives some perspective on the fact that I regard Alexi as a pianist with a bright future."

Will Ackerman



Alexi recenly completed a Master's program at the Paris School of Business. His other passion is sailing. He is a French nationally certified sailing instructor, spending his summers on the Brittany coast teaching at one of France’s well-known sailing centers.

Piano was his choice at the age of 4 being immersed in classical music. He now expresses gratitute for his teacher, Russian pianist Marina Erokhina for leting him feel his own way. “My inspiration comes from my feelings, emotions from things that happen to me whether good, bad, happy or stressful. So I think each song contains many feelings and they basically flow into the music in the same way they go through my mind...”

"I thoroughly enjoy playing for others, it is my way of talking to people through the piano."



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