Land of Enchantment

Posted by admin | 28 November 2015

Alexi was born in New Mexico and spent most of his life in Paris, France. He has been playing piano since the age of 4, trained as a classical pianist in the Russian style by Marina Ravor and won a first prize at the Flame International Piano Competition. Playing for others started as a young child in Paris, Catalonia and Amsterdam. Alexi began composing his own music in 2013 with his first album produced by Will Ackerman and the Imaginary Road Studios.


Windham Hill Legacy

Posted by admin | 28 November 2015

"There are few things more enjoyable as a music producer than to encounter a significant new talent and there is something additionally marvelous about discovering this in a young person who you believe to be on the cusp of great things. Such is the case with pianist Alexi Musnitsky. As founder of Windham Hill Records, known in large part for releases of cutting edge piano recordings, I feel my history gives some perspective on the fact that I regard Alexi as a pianist with a bright future."

~ Will Ackerman